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Love is our movement.

The purpose of our movement is to expand “Love”. Lus Music is here to help bring forth good vibes & positive energy. Here to encourage kindness & generosity. We hope to inspire you to make a difference. Human beings are blessed with the ability to experience and share love. As we tap into the most beautiful quality in us as human beings, we realize that love is something that must be felt, and we hope to inspire that feeling in those willing to open their hearts to Lus Music. The 19th century French writer, Stendhal said it best, "A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love."

Music is our way.

Music is the universal language that has no boundaries. With music as our glue, we begin to co-exist. Music and other forms of artistic expression have the power to bring people together and ultimately, bring about positive change. Lus Music is here to make this change a reality. We strive to increase awareness for independent artists and create a network for those who want to make a real difference. What we do today will change the lives of others tomorrow.

Children are our mission.

Our goal is to help brighten the future of children in need all around the world. Through great music & other forms of artistic expression, Lus Music hopes to create some of the most memorable, positive & fun charity events and programs. Doing what we can to leave our mark & make a real difference in the lives of the children that need it most. We hope to create HOPE! Lus Music is humbled by the opportunity to support the various non-profit organizations that share our vision in creating a better life for children in need.